Nikó y la Luna

image carousel by v8.8 Nikó y la LunaConcept art for an animation film. © Planet 141, CinedeAmigos, Apemanstudio

Pleasant Beach

image carousel by v8.8 Relaxing characters and placesSome of the illustrations for an exhibition project


image carousel by v8.8 SummertownCharacter and background art for videogame project

World War Monsters

image carousel by v8.8 World War Monsters Concept art for ‘beat ’em up’ video game project

Cartoony Times

javascript photo gallery by v8.8 Cartoony timesConcept art for some cartoon projects

La princesa y el pajaro

carousel jquery by v8.8 Concept art for an animation shortfilmLa Princesa y el Pájaro (The Princess and the Bird) is a 2D animation shortfilm for children. As in the classic fairytales, the protagonist must learn an important lesson on Read more


javascript photo gallery by v8.8 Concept art for a videogameYume is an oneiric adventure, which aims to offer a different gaming experience. There won’t be fights or a dramatic story. Just you and a wide, wide world to explore.

Magic Forest

image carousel by v8.8 Magical characters and environmentsStudies for an animation project